Week4 Sound Culture - Reactions to Madonna's <Holiday> and Tangerine Dream's <Phaedra> 본문

비평/Fall 2021 Designing Club Culture

Week4 Sound Culture - Reactions to Madonna's <Holiday> and Tangerine Dream's <Phaedra>

가로이 2021. 9. 30. 10:59

1. Madonna - Holiday

Honestly, I have never listened to Madonna’s songs, but I’ve only known her from Andy Warhol’s pop artwork and that she was an icon of the 80s. So, I had this stereotype and really low expectation, then this song surprised me in many ways. This sounds so unfamiliar but very familiar at the same time in that it threw me out back in the era that I wasn’t even born in, but also made me think where many of these days pop songs came from. So it feels like listening to and staying in the past and the present simultaneously. I especially liked the part “We can turn this world around. And bring back all of those happy days. It is time for the good times. Forget about the bad times.” It does sound really optimistic, but I think this certainly is what the holiday is about and should be. The hook was really catchy, the background beats were pretty simple and repetitive compared to the pop songs nowadays, but the bass line was really everything, well crafted. (But after I wrote this and searched about her, I realized that <Like a Virgin> is also her song, so not a first time.) 

2. Tangerine Dream - Phaedra (Remastered)

Quite a long music, so it feels like the story unfolds in it. It is really alienish, first it felt like floating in some dark empty place, then woke me up from 51” with some kinds of telepathic signals from the alien planet. It extended my body through time and space, and I could experience different dreams every time I listen to this song. It was not boring at all for the entire time with some twisted sounds and the great ambiance, and I could hear some noises that sound like to be brought from nature, like the birds, which also made this song sound unfamiliar. Especially from 12", I heard some sounds from the jungle, but also the cave at the same time. From somewhere in 6", something happened, maybe turning into a nightmare or someone broke in, things got disturbing as the music escalates. From 10", they’re all gone, and the song eased down but turned out that it’s another weird dream. The sounds from there feel like the water drop in some ways, too. It was relatively peaceful at the end, but still mysterious enough to be falling into another dream. I loved that it built up gradually, and how the sound echos as if it’s from a far away place. I couldn’t believe that it was from the 1970s because it sounds incredibly modern. 



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